5 Tips to Crush your New Exercise Program

5 Tips to Crush your New Exercise Program

If you don’t make time for your wellness, then you will be forced to make time for your illness. A healthy lifestyle unlocks your true potential and feeds more positive habits. Whether your looking to continue with your fitness routine, trying something new or commiting to sturcutred fitness for the first time, we all have factors that motivate us and factors that try to limit success. Being realistic with your needs and goals must be top priority in order to create change over time.

  1. Identify how much time per week you can commit to exercise. Based on current fitness levels and goals, more time may be needed. Skipping workouts consistently due to lack of time is a great way for your new program to fail.
  2. Know yourself and current state of being. A new exercise program that has the proper dose of exertion is key to not overtraining or plateauing.
  3. Seek professional help as needed. If you feel unsafe or are unsure if an exercise is right for you, reach out to a local reputable trainer/coach to guide you.
  4. Tell others about your new adventure. A great way to keep accountability is to share your goals with others and even better if they join you!
  5. Consistency creates change. Feeling and seeing results arrive at many different times for all people. The scale is meant to fluctuate and every day may not feel like your best. Keep going!

No better day to start than today.

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