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Gym near Redmond


Gym near Redmond


Gym near Redmond


Gym near Redmond


Gym near Redmond


Gym near Redmond


Gym near Redmond


Gym near Redmond


Gym near Redmond


Gym near Redmond


My partner and I finally accepted that we have too little follow through to continue to cycle through a couple weeks of working out at home followed by months of nothing and started looking for a gym that included what each of us were looking for. I wanted a place where I felt comfortable (being in a gym full of dudes can just feel unwelcoming sometimes, you know?), could get support on nutrition, and couple improve my form and skills. He was looking for a place where he could build community, have accountability, and challenge his body to get great gains. During our trial period we realized how much we really liked the gym when he both work up at 7am to workout. That was no small feat, let me tell you. They have great add on services like nutrition, tempering, etc but you never feel pressures to sign up or buy more. Schedules are flexible and varied and they are constantly checking in and working to make sure they are meetings everyone's logistical needs. There are great member benefits, incentives, and challenges and it what I love most is how diverse and friendly people are.

Alyson P.

I have been a member for 5 years. Semi private sessions ,group workout and seminars are all fun. Knowledgeable and helpful instructors.

Preetha R.

I started at KE after knee surgery. I was unable to run or do any sort of lower body workouts without a lot of pain. The trainers were great at understanding my limitations and working with me in order to make good progress. Now years later I am stronger than I was before, even when I was running. They have made strength training and circuit training fun! Semi private training sessions are awesome and a fun way to get in a personalized workout with a small group of people all working on their own personal fitness goals.

Donette V.

Awesome customer service and awesome staff.

David L.

If you are looking for an awesome gym that brings quality customer service and a thriving community all in one, this is your place! Not to mention the very professional staff that clearly has the best expertise in personal training in the area. If you want guidance, direction, and top-notch service, this is what they do! If you are tired of just walking into the gym not knowing what to do, come to this place and you will find what you are looking for! Simply show up and they will take care of the rest �

Justin G.

Awesome gym!  Totally a neighborhood gym that is super welcoming with amazing coaches! I highly recommend this incredible facility from the passionate owner and coaches to the amazingly clients that I met. Thanks for a great experience!!!

Jason D.

If you're in Kirkland this is the place to go. Best personal training staff. Best fitness programming. Best facility.

Josef B.

If you want a place to walk on a treadmill and literally go nowwhere... this is not the place for you. If you want a crystal clear direction to your fitness goal and a team of highly educated fun, motivating coaches to hold you accountable ... you have to try  train here... wish I could give 6 stars

Frank N.

I tried Kutting Edge out last night and had an awesome experience! I’ve been doing sports specific workouts for over 15 years now and thought I’d seen it all. Dan took me though a full body workout and introduced me to two exercises that I’d never done before. I’m looking forward to going back to Kutting Edge!

Richie R.

Dan and Adam make you feel like family instead of a client. Training sessions are tailored specifically to my needs. I recommend this facility to anyone looking for an extra push in their fitness.

Sol S.

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