Starting a home workout routine

Starting a home workout routine

Want to design your own workout at home? Try these tips!

Creating a well rounded workout at home can be challenging. One minute you are all dressed and ready to go, the next you are confused on where to start or what to do next. Equipment availability and space are the biggest determining factors in selecting exercises. Most strength training exercises can be executed in a 10x10 space comfortably. The storage and amount of equipment will also impact the workability of the area.

Ask yourself what is the goal of at home workouts? Is it the primary strength training source or does it supplement other training done elsewhere? Depending on your strength level, more equipment or weights will need to be utilized. Bodyweight exercises area great and can be varied to create a greater challenge, however these movements tend to be more pushing movements like squats and pushups or stability such as planks.

An exercise routine should target many planes of motion and major upper body and lower body movements. Our bodies are able to push and pull things, squat down and bend over. Selecting exercises on these foundations will set up success for your home workouts.

Pushups or a pressing of weight while standing/seated/lying and pulling up your bodyweight or pulling weight towards you will work all major upper body muscle groups. Holding weight/weight on the upper back and bending over with a strong neutral spine to pick up a weight will stress all major muscle groups in the lower body. Adding a variety of instability such as standing on one leg or using one arm to perform an exercise with demand more from the smaller stabilizing muscles.

If space is provided, walking while carry/holding weight is a great way to challenge the body with the addition of cardiovascular and core demand!

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