Kettlebell Exercise Snapshot: Suitcase Carry

Kettlebell Exercise Snapshot: Suitcase Carry

By Dan and Adam Kleckner

Suitcase Carry

Suitcase Carry Description

The Suitcase Carry is one of the most functional exercises for your core. This movement trains anti-rotation, posture, and grip strength. Whether you are sprinting through the airport carrying your luggage or bringing your groceries in from the car, this exercise will have you ready for the task at hand.  The suitcase carry helps us prepare for movements we make every day.  With this exercise you will challenge your oblique’s while strengthening your forearms, deltoids and traps. Try adding this muscle building lower body workout to your routine today!

Suitcase Carry Steps

1. Place the kettle bell to one side of your body. Squat down to grab the Kettle bell with your back flat and butt back.

2.  Keeping tension in the core, keep your arm straight and pick up the bell.

3. Keeping your shoulders square and upright, with you core engaged, maintain posture and walk with small 15-20 yards.

4. Place the kettle bell down and repeat the process walking back to where you started.

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