Runner’s Exercise Snapshot: TRX W’s

Runner’s Exercise Snapshot: TRX W’s

By Brittney Thornton


TRX W Description

How many times have you seen a runner with posture that would make Quasimodo the hunchback look good? It’s a common gait flaw to lose proper posture in the upper body during longer runs. Hours and hours at a computer doesn’t make the situation any better!

Hunched upper body posture can lead to shorter arm swing (which affects stride length), decreased breathing rate, and tension in the neck and shoulders. Do this easy exercise using ring or a TRX Suspension Trainer to open up the chest while strengthening the upper back muscles.

TRX W Steps

1.       Grab the rings/TRX with both hands, arms extended

2.       Pull the rings/TRX toward you, bringing your arms up in a ‘W’ Position

3.       Keep the body straight like a plank throughout the movement

4.       Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions


This is a great move to do as a part of your cross training and/or injury prevention work throughout the running season. If you do not have rings or a TRX you can substitute resistance bands as well.

Run strong, run happy!


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