Runner’s Exercise Snapshot: Stir the Pot

Runner’s Exercise Snapshot: Stir the Pot

By Brittney Thornton-Doran


Stir the Pot Description

Runners: STOP DOING CRUNCHES! Crunches are just not a functional exercise for someone who’s activity is upright with forward propulsion. Instead, do this Stir the Pot exercise with a stability ball.

Stir the Pot Steps

1. Start in plank position with your forearms on the stability ball
2. Use your arms to roll the ball in a circle, while keeping the torso still
3. Roll the ball 5 times one direction then switch
4. Widen the feet for more stability, narrow them for more of a challenge


Take your plank up a notch with this variation that challenges your body in more planes of motion, making it more functional than a static hold. A strong core is the base every good runner needs to perform well and prevent injury. Ensure yours is up to par this season!


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