Rope Exercise Snapshot: Single Arm Plank Slams

Rope Exercise Snapshot: Single Arm Plank Slams

By Dan and Adam  Kleckner

Single Arm Plank Slam Description

The Single Arm Plank rope slam is one of the most challenging core exercises he do at KE! Here is how to perform the exercise:

Singe Arm Plank Slam Steps

1) Start in a plank position with one arm holding the rope.

2) Keeping your back flat and your hips parallel to the ground you will slam the rope with one arm.

3) The other arm stays on the ground in a plank position.

4) Keep repeating the slams on the same arm for :20 then switch arms. Try to get 2-3 sets.

5) Really make sure the back stays flat and the hips stay parallel to the ground the whole time.



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