Rope Exercise Snapshot: Reverse Lunge Rope Whips

Rope Exercise Snapshot: Reverse Lunge Rope Whips

By Dan and Adam  Kleckner

Reverse Lunge Rope Whip Description

The Reverse Lunge Rope Whips are a great exercise for total body conditioning and coordination.

Reverse Lunge Rope Whip Steps

1) Start in an athletic position. Begin by whipping the ropes with both arms.

2) As you continue whipping the ropes you will step back into a reverse lunge.

3) Make sure to keep the weight on your front heel as well as maintaining a flat back.

4) Return to the start position and repeat the reverse lunge on the other leg.

5) Continue alternating the lunges on both legs for :30 total. Try and perform 2-3 sets.



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