Recipe of the Week – Hello Fresh Trial

Recipe of the Week – Hello Fresh Trial

Meal Delivery Services – all the rage right now, right? One of my friends was kind enough to send me some free vouchers for Hello Fresh and I decided to give it a shot! I know between work, school, kid related activities, meal planning/prepping can get overwhelming and sometimes we need a little help. I tried Hello Fresh for a couple weeks to see if it lived up to the hype – here’s what I thought!


Read/Plan ahead! There were a couple meals where I was scrambling through the prep work to get everything done before the something else was overcooked. I suggest doing all the chopping and prep work before you start cooking anything – it saves time in the long run, plus you are ready to go when you start cooking. Hello Fresh gives awesome and easy to follow directions, which is great! But it helps to look ahead and see what your next steps are.

Take out unnecessary add-ons. One of the meals I made came with everything to mix up a peanut sauce. I thought it was going to be mixed with the chicken, but it turned out to just be a dipping sauce. I felt like the meal was flavorful enough on its own, and the peanut sauce was just extra unnecessary calories. Plus, the peanut butter came in individual packets that would have been awesome for snacks or lunches!


The waste! You guys, the amount of garbage that the Hello Fresh box creates is out of control. Most of it is recyclable but I think because I live in an apartment complex and the dumpster is downstairs and outside, it seemed like too much to manage. I filled up my garbage can after making ONE meal. I wish there was a way for Hello Fresh to send re-useable packaging or for me to opt out of certain things. While it was helpful to have the exact amount of soy sauce in a plastic packet, I have a bottle in my refrigerator and am capable of measuring a tablespoon.

Convenience. Obviously, the main reason people sign up for meal delivery is convenience. Nothing beats having your meals delivered right to your door! But. Do I think this is different than just planning and prepping your meals on Sundays? Not really. I still had to do some grocery shopping for breakfast and snacks, plus the Hello Fresh box only came with 3 meals. Those 3 meals gave me lunch and dinner for 3 days, but what about the other 4 days in the week? I do, however, think this is a great option to buy you some time. I was travelling last weekend and didn’t have any time to grocery shop or plan, so I was pretty excited to get a box of meals on Monday afternoon! If you have weeks where you know you can’t figure out meals, I do think that Hello Fresh is a great option – just not all the time.

Learning. I think Hello Fresh (or any meal delivery service) is GREAT for learning some cooking skills. Even though I am pretty comfortable with cooking, I still got to make things I would have never chosen in the store. Plus, it taught me some new meals and combinations to try and the recipes were detailed enough for me to save and make again, which I liked. If you want to brush up on your cooking skills and add some new recipes to your routine, I would definitely try Hello Fresh for a couple weeks.


Have you guys tried any meal delivery services? Let me know in the comments below what you thought!

Happy Cooking!


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