Recipe of the Week – Eating on Vacation

Recipe of the Week – Eating on Vacation

Aloha! This week I’m in Hawaii on vacation with my aunt, uncle and cousin. I’m not the most avid traveler (this is maybe my first real vacation, ever) but I do spend a good amount of time away from my apartment in Seattle. Whether you are going somewhere exotic for a two weeks or just visiting family for a weekend, this is what I’ve learned about eating when you’re away from home for more than a couple days.

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Hit up Costco or a grocery store for your breakfast, lunch and snacks.

No brainer, right? Not only does this save money on eating out, you can control the type of food you are eating for the majority of the day. It’s also nice to be able to bring your own snacks if you have an adventure planned, and you can also break up hours on the beach with a trip back to your room to eat. If you don’t want to go grocery shopping first thing on vacation or headed somewhere more remote and aren’t sure what the stores will have, you can pack non perishable snacks in your suitcase.

Walk to a local coffee shop to start your day

My favorite thing to do on vacation is start my morning with a walk. I walk a lot in general, but there is something about not having an agenda or strict time frame that makes a morning walk much more enjoyable! My favorite thing to do is look for coffee shops that are at least a mile away from where I am staying. That way, I can get in a couple mile walk, have my coffee and not feel too bad about sitting on the beach all day later. We frequented the Island Vintage Coffee Company multiple times on our trip – by far the best latte I’ve ever had and I’ve eaten this acai bowl twice since I’ve been here!

Turn your burger/sandwich/tacos into lettuce wraps

Something I’ve learned over the years is that if a restaurant has the ingredient, they have no problem making a substitution. Almost every restaurant has actual lettuce wraps on the menu, but if you find a sandwich that you would rather eat (but don’t want the bread) ask your waiter to put it on lettuce instead! Same goes for tacos and burgers – you can easily turn it into a protein and vegetable heavy meal by eliminating the bun or tortilla. And don’t be shy! You are paying for a meal, it should be what you want.

Eat local, fresh, and what’s in season

I talked about this last week and it applies when you’re on vacation too. Research what’s in season and what the local delicacies are – chances are it will be the best tasting and the best for you! In Hawaii, it’s pretty easy (I could never be sick of fresh fish, exotic fruit and perfectly ripe avocados) but there are tons of helpful restaurant guides around and local residents who would be happy to share their favorite places.

This is the Ahi Poke bowl from a local sushi place we went to. I had to borrow a photo from their website because I was so excited to eat that I definitely forgot to take a photo!

Ask around

The best thing about KE is our community. And do you know what’s great about travelling? Someone as probably already been there! If you’re going on a trip, start asking around when you’re at your session. You never know who has traveled to where you are headed and will be able to recommend good restaurants and activities. The culture at KE is the best part about belonging to a gym like ours (should it be the workouts? shh….don’t tell Dan and Adam) and it should be used to peoples advantage!

What are your eating on vacation tips? I’d love to know what you guys have learned over the years – leave a comment below with your top tip!




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