Recipe of the Week – Breakfast Burritos

Recipe of the Week –  Breakfast Burritos

One of my goals this year is to have a better routine in the mornings. I’m usually barely out the door on time, with my shoes untied and without a plan for the rest of the day. That chaos results in either buying breakfast from the coffee stand (not economical) or not eating a single thing until 2:30pm (yikes). I’m starting slow and easy with two new things a month –  in January my goal was to wake up at the same time every day (no snoozing!) and make my bed every morning. It was pretty successful (I’m making my bed more) but I’m not sure I will ever be the type of person that jumps out of bed as soon as their alarm goes off. This month, my goal is come up with easy grab and go breakfasts that I can bring to work and eat when I’m hungry in the morning. I’ve made a couple different versions of freezer breakfast burritos and so far they have been my favorite grab and go breakfast. The best thing about them is you can add whatever you want! Peppers, tomatoes, kale, onions – whatever you would put in an omelet or scramble, you can add to your burrito!


  • Eggs
  • Chicken sausage
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • Tortillas

As you guys know, I don’t posses the gene that helps you understand how to cook things all together and have the food cooked perfectly. Do you learn that with age? Experience? Who knows. All I know is that I need to cook each part of these burritos separately, which took a little longer but was better in the long run. If you feel confident about cooking everything together, go for it! It would make this process even faster. Keep reading to find out how much of each ingredient I used!

First, I cooked the sausage. I used half of the tube and put the other half in the freezer for next week!

Then, I chopped and cooked about a cup of mushrooms in the same pan.


While the mushrooms cooked, I boiled half the bag of spinach (It ended up being one cup cooked). Turns out Whole Foods was have some kind of greens shortage and they didn’t have any fresh spinach! Since it was going to be cooked anyway, I decided that frozen would be just fine (I did have to squeeze out the extra liquid with a towel though).


Once the meat and vegetables were done, I got started on the eggs! I used 7 eggs for 6 tortillas. I did add a splash of almond milk and some pepper to the eggs, mostly because that’s what every TV chef does. If anyone knows what the purpose of adding milk to your scrambled eggs is, let me know! I have no idea.


When the eggs were done, I mixed all the ingredients together and let the mixture cool slightly.


Then, it was burrito time!! I added a healthy cup of the mixture into each tortilla and wrapped it up.


I covered each burrito in foil and put them in plastic bags to store in the freezer! Each morning, I grab one and throw it in my bag to eat later in the morning. (Side note, I would have put them all in one gallon freezer bag but I didn’t have any. That’s the only reason they in separate bags).


Pro tip – I heat up the burrito AND keep the tortilla soft by wrapping it in a damp paper towel and putting in the microwave for one minute. It comes out hot in the middle and the tortilla doesn’t get stale or crunchy!

What are your favorite grab and go breakfasts? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Cooking!


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