Kutting Edge is like no other gym I’ve experienced.  KE is a client focused, fun, non-competitive environment.  The trainers are aware of client’s aches and pains and work with us every step of the way.  They hold you accountable, support you, and cheer you on!  Kutting Edge is not just my gym, but the place where I see friends and ignite my competitive drive!
What results have you seen since joining KE?
I have become a stronger, healthier version of myself since joining KE. But more importantly, I feel healthier, have more energy, and am confident in myself!
I definitely would recommend KEF! KEF has dedicated, personable trainers. A top-notch facility and exhilarating group classes, open gym options, as well as custom semi-private classes. A little of something for everyone!
Why did you decide to join KE?
I decided to join KEF after realizing I couldn’t get myself to go to a traditional gym. I missed the feeling I got after working out, but couldn’t get to the gym on a consistent basis.  KEF offers group classes that are challenging and fun.  This required me to “sign up” which was all I needed in; now I consistently attend classes and am back in a routine of working out.
Emily D. of Kirkland, WA

Why is fitness important to you? 

Greg – Being fit is all about living a long/happy life: (1) having the energy and mobility to thoroughly enjoy each day;  (2) maximizing the number of days we have; (3) hopefully living long-enough to see radical scientific and societal advancements leading to some sort of global utopia.

Katie -I like being active and having the energy and strength to continue to do things I like, like dancing and playing with my dog.

What results have you seen since joining KE? 

Greg – Since joining Kutting Edge Fitness, I have dropped 60 pounds in 5 months, while greatly improving my mobility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness.

Katie –I have noticed very well rounded improvements in all levels of fitness. My balance, coordination, strength, and endurance have all improved. Plus they make it fun and easy for me to fit in at least 3 weight training sessions a week which has helped me loose over 40lbs.

Why did you decide to join KE?

Greg – Prior to joining KE, I was in a rut of eating too much and rarely exercising. I’ve had good luck with personal trainers in the past, but they were always too expensive for me to keep on indefinitely. KE’s semi-private personal training makes great financial sense to me.

Katie – In shot, I liked that KE has everything I want optimized in a conveniently located space. I get access to great coaching and friendly community that keeps me motivated and challenged. I like being able to schedule my workouts and then have some accountability to actually show up to the gym.

Would you recommend KE and why?

Greg – I would definitely recommend KE, for several reasons: 1) Semi-private personal training is a great model; You get all the motivation, planning, and attention of personal training, but at a more affordable rate 2) KE has outstanding and friendly training staff, but they’re also too busy to be talking to you the entire time; as an introvert that’s actually pretty refreshing (I like small-talk but can only keep it up for so long!) 3) KE makes amazing use of their space; I love how every inch of space and piece of equipment is useful 4) The general culture and atmosphere at KE is warm and supportive, but highly motivating; It’s a testament to both great trainers and great clients.

Katie-I would recommend KE as a great way to get strength into routine.  The semi-private training model allows the coaches to tailor the workouts to match the goals and fitness level of each person.  It has been over 6 months since I joined and I am still getting shown new exercise.

Anything else you want to share with future members?

Greg – Another thing that I really like about KE are the MyZone heart-rate monitors that KE sells. They provide real-time feedback on the screen at the gym. It really keeps me honest and inspires me to work hard throughout a session.

Katie – My advice on selecting a gym is to think about what you want in a gym and then find a place that will match.  Bigger isn’t always better if you end up never going or only using one part of it. I find in a traditional gym I easily get in a routine rut.  That is impossible at KE as the always have a new work out for you.

Greg & Katie T. of Kirkland, WA

Why is fitness important to you?
Fitness is more important to me now than ever. Being a very tall person, I have struggled throughout my life with back pain, especially given I have a typical desk job – sitting for long periods is an unavoidable reality. Although I have never been ‘athletically inclined’, I understand having a consistent strength training regiment is the very best way to stave off typical age-related ailments. Maybe more importantly, working out makes me feel stronger and more confident across all aspects of my life. I simply feel better – mentally and physically – when I work out and focus on diet and exercise.

What results have you seen since joining KE?
I am proud to say I am one of the first members of KE! Although I worked out regularly with a trainer prior to moving to KE, I have seen better results since I made the move. The coaches can spend more time focusing on the client’s needs – and frankly, they care enough to do it. I no longer have back issues. Ever. My core strength is light-years better than it was, and I have never had the muscle and tone I have now. I am in the best shape of my life (Thanks Coach Garret and Coach Dan!).

Why did you decide to join KE?
I needed to be liberated from the club membership provided by my employer. I had been a member for over 17 years when I made the change from that monstrosity of a gym. It had entirely lost it’s focus, in my opinion, on physical fitness. It just wasn’t for me.

Would you recommend KE and why?
I would recommend KE, and in fact, I have! KE’s approach simply works better for me. Honestly, I was very hesitant moving from one-on- one training to semi-personal training. Now, after several years of semi-personal training, I don’t think I would ever go back. The KE coaches know each of their clients well and manage to customize each person’s routine to fit their individual needs, while increasing the fun for everyone in the session through a little comradery and a little competition.

Any other additional comments about Kutting Edge that you want to share with prospective clients?
Just try it – you will not be disappointed. KE doesn’t care what shape you’re in or how old you are. The
clients range from pro athletes to those just starting the fitness journey. They truly want you to live
your best life. You will be listened to and appropriately challenged based on your capabilities and goals.
You will make friends with the other members. This is not your typical ‘box’ gym. You will not be an
anonymous member. You will become family, and quickly feel like you’ve been there for years.

Bonnie B. Woodinville, WA

Why is fitness important to you?

You have to stay active to stay healthy. I have terrible posture while sitting at a desk at work. Coming to KE is the best way for me to work on better posture and build muscle to recover from a day behind a desk. Beyond work, fitness also improves my everyday life. From popping out of bed in the morning (ok, not really) to hauling in the groceries from the store. I have more energy and strength. I just feel batter.

What results have you seen since joining KE?

I have lost around 15 pounds but more importantly put on more weight in muscle. I can run up the stairs in the parking garage at work and not be out of wind at the 6th floor. I’m in the best shape of my life.

Why did you decide to join KE?

Bonnie (another client) challenged me with a New Year’s resolution. I was starting to lose muscle and gain weight. 9 months later with KE’s semi-private training and great staff, I feel great.

Would you recommend KE and why?

It’s a great gym with great coaches that focus and want you to get stronger and feel better. Everyone feels like family here. It’s not a meathead gym. Once you make it through a few months of routine workouts, you fell yourself becoming part of the KE family.

Anything else you want to share about KE?

Try it for a month or two. The coaches work with you to set and achieve your goals. They’ll evaluate where you are physically and develop a custom plan to get you where you want to be. You will feel and look better as a result. This is the first gym I have ever joined and would recommend it to anyone looking to join a gym. This is not your typical gym.

Matt A. Woodinville, WA

1. Why is fitness important to you?
In the past, fitness has provided an outlet away from the daily stresses of life and my career. However, as I have gotten older, I have realized that fitness can provide natural meditation, strength and joy that is unmatched by any other activity. Beyond this, it provides a framework to build a life that is healthy and hearty that I believe leads to the ultimate state of happiness we are all after.

2. What results have you seen since joining KE? 
Since joining KE, I have transformed both physically and mentally. I don’t recognize who I was. I came in with a low athletic foundation and zero consistency. The team here at KE has provided a package through classes and personal sessions that have pushed me to limits that I didn’t think I could achieve. I have developed physically while also developing mentally. A year ago, if I told you that I was getting ready to compete in a 24 Obstacle Race Course, I would have just laughed in your face. KE has brought me here.

3. Why did you decide to join KE? 
I have been to several gyms over the years, but I wanted personal and customized attention to my specific goals. I wanted to establish relationships with my peers at the gym and the trainers. It was all about having fun, working hard and seeing results. I didn’t want a big space and I didn’t want to be lost among the masses.

4. Would you recommend KE and why? 
I would highly recommend KE because they want to be a part of your success as much as you want to succeed. They become intertwined in your personal fitness journey and are continuously behind you supporting you, cheering you on, but also driving you hard. Your time at KE, whether it be in classes or during personal training, becomes something that you look forward to at the beginning of your day, in the middle or at the end of your day. You walk into KE and you realize very quickly that there are no egos here. There are people from all sorts of demographics, a variety of fitness levels, from different industries and the place becomes a very positive melting pot of positive energy that just leaves you high.

5. Any other additional comments about Kutting Edge that you want to share with prospective clients? 
KE is very good about getting to you where you want to be if you listen and are willing to commit with consistency. Don’t be afraid to set huge stretch goals, because the team here knows how to work with you to get there. You will most definitely surprise yourself.

Guru S. Seattle, WA

1. Why is fitness important to you?

As a child, I played a number of sports so I was not a stranger to working out. However, as an adult, I focused more and more of my time on my career and less on fitness. During a visit to a new primary care doctor, I had to fill out a form about my family’s medical history and for the first time I realized that my parents, grandparents, many of my aunts and my older sister all suffered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes among other ailments. Because I run a greater risk of developing these conditions, I knew I had to make some significant changes in my life. I started to focus more on my nutrition as well as fitness. Working out is such a significant part of my life now! And with each fitness goal I achieve, it just motivates me to continue to push myself and set new goals.

2. What results have you seen since joining KE?

I had shoulder surgery prior to joining KE and I needed to rebuild my strength. Luckily, the trainers have a lot of experience working with clients with physical limitations. Over time, I not only regained my strength but I’m much stronger than I was pre-surgery!

3. Would you recommend KE and why?

I would 100% recommend KE to other potential clients! I know it can be intimidating to join a gym, especially if you haven’t been in awhile or feel out of shape, but this is literally the most welcoming environment I have ever experienced.  The coaches are invested in you and your success.  They tailor their approach to your needs and push you to achieve more than you thought possible.  Rehabbing my shoulder took months and rebuilding my strength took even longer so there were days when I would come to the gym feeling physically & mentally defeated.  Coach G could not have been more supportive. He understood my frustrations but was also able to shift my focus away from what I couldn’t do to what I could do. And on those days I left the gym feeling an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer!

4. Any other additional comments about Kutting Edge that you want to share with prospective clients?

Since joining KE my whole mentality about fitness has changed. I’m no longer chasing dreams of squeezing these hips into a size 0, I’m too busy chasing PRs (personal records). And for me, “strong” is my new definition of sexy.

Candice Y. Woodinville, WA

We never knew fitness was important to us until about 6 years ago. That is when our fitness journey began. We joined a gym, signed up for personal training with Dan, and caught the fitness bug.

KE is the perfect environment for us. Depending on your personal goals, you can sign up for personal training, a challenging class, or come to open gym. The variety of options makes it a place where there really is no reason not to be there.

We’ve always been active, but as we get older we realized we needed a more rounded approach to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Since joining KE, not only have we realized how competitive we are, but we have become better and stronger versions of ourselves. We are doing things we never thought possible-deadlifts and pull ups- and keep coming back for more.

The best part about KE are the members. It truly feels like a community where everyone is so supportive for one another, no matter the fitness level, and it makes for a really positive environment to give it your all. Getting to know the members has ben an added bonus to joining KE.

Larry and Marganne R. Bellevue, WA

I count fitness as one of the main ingredients for living a full and spectacular life! With fitness, there is energy to engage in so much that life has to offer! Since joining KE, I have noticed that my energy level has increased and that my sleep quality has improved.  Also, I notice a marked improvement in my strength and agility.  I have recently made a decision to get into the best shape of my life. I want to get back to my athletic self. I want to get back to downhill skiing. I joined KE for a trial period after interviewing 2 other gyms in the area. I like the trainers at KE. They show me techniques and help me to make the most of my training sessions. I like the cleanliness and order of the gym. I like the music. The atmosphere is conducive to getting a great workout. I highly recommend KE!

Peggy H. Kirkland, WA