Movement Exercise Snapshot: Bear Crawl

Movement Exercise Snapshot: Bear Crawl

By Dan and Adam Kleckner


Bear Crawl Description

Do you want to improve your mobility, core strength, and conditioning?  If yes, then we have the perfect exercise for you.  Introducing the Bear Crawl.  Crawling exercises are multi-joint movements that engage the entire body, while emphasizing the core and shoulder muscles.  Crawling improves coordination between your upper and lower body, which helps with just about every exercise you do.  By adding these crawling patterns into your workouts you can improve your core stability, which can translate into increased joint range-of-motion and improved flexibility. To start seeing results, add crawling in to your warm up routine today!

Bear Crawling Steps

1- Start in the quadruped position with your knees directly under your hips and hands directly under your shoulders.

2- Keeping your breath into your abdomen and core engaged, lift your knees slightly off the ground.

3- Keeping your knees slightly off the ground move your right knee and left hand about an inch forward.

4- Then follow that same movement with your left knee and right hand.  Repeat with core engaged and knees slightly off the ground for 5 repetitions each side, moving slowly at each stage.



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