Matt M.

“When I first started at KE, I was cautious because I wasn’t sure exactly how golfers were supposed to train and lift, but I quickly learned these guys knew what they were talking about.  They explained every movement and why it was important for me individually.  I picked up yards and consistency right from the get go.  Everyone, including other members are inclusive and it feels like one big family!”

Jim M.

“The one-on-one approach makes such a difference in establishing a good program and the proper form to keep from getting injured. Being able to see your improvement month over month is great, and if it was not fun in the process I know I wouldn’t be showing up! Dan, Adam, Garrett, Val and the gang are great with understanding proper movements of the body, diet, etc. I have been in my share of crossfit over the last few years and if you want to keep getting injured, keep going to those crossfit “boxes”.”