Landmine Exercise Snapshot: Single Leg RDL

Landmine Exercise Snapshot: Single Leg RDL

By Nate Leviten and Scottie Miller


RDLs are a functional hamstring and glute exercise and this variation is an effective way of changing the weight load and angle on your muscles.

1.     Start with your feet perpendicular to the end of the barbell.

2.     Pick up the bar with one hand locking your shoulder down.

3.     Hinge from your hips while kicking back the leg on the same as the hand that is holding the barbell.

4.     Drop the chest, while keeping the plant leg slightly bent and your back flat.

5.     Return to the starting position, repeating that same movement pattern with the same leg, then switch legs.

Repeat 4-6 reps each side for 3-4 sets


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