Landmine Exercise Snapshot: Anti-Rotations

Landmine Exercise Snapshot: Anti-Rotations

By Nate Leviten and Scottie Miller


This exercise will target and strengthen your core which will improve stability while preforming various activities.

1.     Stand facing the base of the landmine with the barbell in-between your feet.

2.     Grab the barbell with both hands and raise it over-head, locking your elbows.

3.     Keeping good posture and bent knees, move the barbell side to side with your shoulders facing forward the whole time.

4.     The barbell should mimic the hands of a clock, starting at 12 and going back and forth from 9 and 3 making a semi-circle.

5.     Important not to have rotation in your hips or shoulders and to brace your core throughout the exercise.

Repeat 8-10 reps each way for 3-4 sets


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