Kettlebell Exercise Snapshot: Windmill

Kettlebell Exercise Snapshot: Windmill

By Dan and Adam Kleckner


Windmill Description

The KB Windmill is a unique and effective hip flexibility and core strength exercise. It is an exercise that requires shoulder stability and full body coordination that is unparalleled.  However, because of how technical this lift is, it is recommended to start off with no load, then progress into using the kettlebell. Once the kettlebell is introduced you have a unique and effective exercise that is hard to beat.   So if you’re looking to strengthen your core, improve coordination and increase hip mobility, try adding the kettlebell windmill to your routine today!

Windmill Steps

1- Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.  Clean and press the KB overhead. Turn your toes to 45 degrees and lock your lumbar spine in to neutral positon.

2- Try to keep your back leg as straight/vertical as possible. Push into your hip and think about lifting it up. Then track the inside of your front leg with your unloaded arm.  If you start leaning, unload the KB and restart.  If you still start leaning, slightly bend your back leg.

3- Try to touch the ground with your unloaded arm, while keeping your upper body parallel to the ground. Make sure to always keep your loaded shoulder packed down. Keep your eyes fixed on the kettlebell during the entire lift.


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