Glute Exercise Snapshot: SL Glute Bridge

Glute Exercise Snapshot: SL Glute Bridge

By Alicia Barrenger



SL Glute Bridge Description

Not only is this a great way to target glutes and hamstrings but can give the knees a break while still building strength!

SL Glute Bridge Steps

1.     Start by lying down on the floor, knees up, and one foot off the floor

2.     Pressing through the heel of the foot on the floor, bridge up fully engaging the glute

3.     Make sure to squeeze the glute at the top and not bend the back to get the hips higher

4.     Maintain control while lowering the hips back to the floor

5.     Repeat the bridge ensuring a full “tabletop” with each rep

Repeat 10-12 reps each side for 3-4 sets


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