Glute Exercise Snapshot: Plank Leg Lifts/Raises

Glute Exercise Snapshot: Plank Leg Lifts/Raises

By Alicia Barrenger


Plank Leg Lifts/Raises Description

This plank variation will get the glutes fired up while adding more core stability!

Plank Leg Lifts/Raises Steps

1.     Begin in high or low plank, shoulders actively pushing the floor away, core engaged, and tailbone tucked under.

2.     Lift one leg at a time using the glute, NOT JUST BENDING THE BACK.

3.     It is not important how far up the leg goes, utilize the glute not the lower back

4.     Control the leg as your lower the it back to the floor

5.     Repeat each leg maintaining good plank position while keeping hips square to the floor

Repeat 10 reps each leg for 3-4 sets


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