Dumbbell Exercise Snapshot: Split Squat

Dumbbell Exercise Snapshot: Split Squat

By Dan Kleckner and Devon Walker


Split Squat Description

The Split Squat is a great exercise to work on balance and strengthening the quads. It is also a great unilateral exercise to work on single leg strength.

Split Squat Steps

1- Starting in an inline lunge position, make sure the back foot is inline with the instep of the front foot. You can just use your body weight or hold a dumbbell in each hand for resistance.

2- Keeping your weight on your front foot heel and slowly lower down.

3- Lower until your back knee taps the ground. If you cannot go that low you can use an airex pad on the ground and lower your back knee to that.

4- Once you tap your knee to the ground raise back up to the starting position.

5-Keep the shoulders back and maintain good posture in the upper body throughout.  Repeat for 8-12 repetitions each side.


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