Core Exercise Snapshot: Side Plank Reach

Core Exercise Snapshot: Side Plank Reach

By Dan Kleckner and Garrett Rolsma

Side Plank

Side Plank Reach Description

The side plank reach is a progression from a regular side plank. Adding the reach to a side plank adds more T-Spine mobility to the exercise which is great for posture. The side plank reach is also a great exercise for strengthening the oblique’s and working on hip stability.

Side Plank Reach Steps

1- Start in a side plank position with the feet stacked and the elbow directly under the shoulder.

2- Take your top arm and reach through as far as you can without allowing your hips to rotate forward. Keep your hips up as high as you can the whole time.

3- Return to the starting position and perform 8-12 reps each side.

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