Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Technology, use it to your advantage!

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Technology, use it to your advantage!

By: Garrett Rolsma

Technology, use it to your advantage!

Every day there is an updated version of something that you already have. New car, new cell phone, new laptop, the list goes on and on. Technology is all around us and if our sci-fi and futurism thoughts are correct, it is only going to become a bigger part of our lives. Today, I plan to talk about how we can use technology to make our health and fitness goals a little easier to obtain. Let’s get started:

Cell Phone Camera: Take a picture of your refrigerator or pantry before you go to the grocery. You can whip out the picture anytime you are unsure of your current stock of a food item.

Cell Phone Lists: Creating a list on your phone is much easier then the old pen and paper method. There are even apps out there where you can share lists with family/friends/roommates, that way you are all on the same page as to what to buy.

Loyalty Programs: Most big companies have a loyalty or reward point system, and it often has an app associated with it. You can use your phone to track your points and save money on your next shopping trip, gas fill up, or maybe even vacation!

Coupons: Just like the rewards systems, lots of big stores have digital coupons. You can pull it up at the checkout stand and save a few dollars on your healthy food items. But remember, just because it is a great deal, does not mean it is a great purchase. 2 for 1 Oreo’s! PASS!

Restaurant Delivery: More and more companies are creating delivery options. It seems like every other Toyota Prius these days are delivering some ready to eat meal from your favorite restaurant. Now this could become a slippery slope because it is now very easy to stay seated in front of your TV and have a ton of calories literally brought to your doorstep, but that is for another article.

Grocery Delivery: Today there are numerous companies that now offer reasonable delivery services from the store. You can submit your grocery list, someone in the store will package it, and they will be delivered within the designated delivery window you set up. Now if you create the optimal grocery list, you just saved yourself a trip and will have healthy groceries waiting for you.

Subscribe and Save: Do you find yourself constantly ordering the same items online. Now several companies will allow you to subscribe to an automated delivery. You can save a few dollars over the long term if you purchase your protein powder online and they automatically ship it every month. Time and money saved, win win!

In closing, embrace the technology that helps you live better. Try to avoid the technology that is simply making you lazier. All the above options can be easily abused. If you are saving time on grocery shopping, don’t waste that free time watching TV, go to the gym or walk around the neighborhood. Maybe you have a few extra bucks in your wallet because you saved coupons, spend that money on a new gym membership, or book a massage. Technology is ever changing, but so are you. Make it work for you, not against you.

-Coach G

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