Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Stop the Snacking!

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Stop the Snacking!

By Garrett Rolsma



Stop the Snacking!

                We have all been guilty of unnecessary snacking at some point in our lives. Maybe we are watching a movie with that elephant sized tub of popcorn, or grabbing a piece of candy from a coworker’s desk because well, who knows! Snacking out of habit or sheer boredom can be very easy to do and it can really wreak havoc on health and fitness aspirations. Here are some tricks that you can use to hopefully help limit the extra snacks you most likely do not need during your day.

1.       Out of sight, out of mind! Whenever and wherever you can, put foods that you are hoping to avoid out of eye sight. If you cannot see it sitting there tempting you, then you are more likely to just skip it.

2.       Stick to your plan! Most of us do not have a plan that allows for thoughtless calorie dumping as often as possible throughout the day. So, remember to stick to your unique plan and make sure you have your foods ready and available. A little extra time spent the night before will set you up for success the next day, giving you more power to skip those snacks.

3.       The Gum Trick! Make sure you are never without a pack of gum in your pocket, purse, car, etc. When you see that bowl of M&M’s, put in a piece of gum instead and get chewing. Often you may have not been hungry, you just might have been bored and replacing that snack with a stick of gum just saved you from empty calories.

4.       Brush Your Teeth! After a meal, go brush your teeth. This will put that fresh clean feeling into your mouth and nothing will even seem appealing for minutes if not hours after. If you add a few extra brushings in throughout the day you will help yourself out and your dentist will be happy too.


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