Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Social Support and Nutrition, surround yourself with winners!

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Social Support and Nutrition, surround yourself with winners!

By: Garrett Rolsma


Social Support and Nutrition, surround yourself with winners!

Making healthy nutritional changes is very rarely a solo endeavor. Whether you think about it or not, the people in your life will help make or break your aspirations of healthy eating. Every time I work with someone to start making changes, I have them answer several questions related to social support. 

Here are just a few questions,

1. Do the people in your life follow healthy lifestyle habits? (Exercise, Mindful Eating, etc.)

a. Yes

b. No

c. Some (half and half)

2. Do you belong to a health club/gym/fitness group that you attend regularly? (3 days/wk)

a. Yes, and I am consistent

b. Yes, but I am inconsistent

c. No

3. When you want to be active (workout, hike, walk, etc.) is it easy to find someone to join you?

a. Yes, always

b. Yes, sometimes

c. No, never

4. At home or work, does someone often bring in sweets, cookies, pastries, and other “unhealthy” snacks?

a. Yes, weekly

b. Yes, monthly

c. No, never

5. Does someone in your life share healthy articles, recipes, workout ideas, etc. with you?

a. Yes, often

b. Yes, occasionally

c. No, never


After thinking about some of the questions above, how did you score? There are no right and wrong answers, there are just helpful and unhelpful ones. If you notice that you are lacking a partner to be active, talk healthy, and/or support one another, then you may need to look deeper into your relationships and see if anyone can help fill that void. Having a friend to help with accountability is extremely useful. We all have that friend who is always ready to have a good time, convince you to have that extra drink, pick the unhealthiest item on the menu, and there is nothing wrong with that. But when it is time to stay disciplined, you want a friend for that too. In closing, think about your social support team and pick out who you think can help you on your journey. Let them know what your goals are, and ask them to support you. Often, they will be honored to help, and you might even build a stronger bond with that person. Surround yourself with winners!

-Coach G

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