Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Protein! Start here

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Protein! Start here:

Protein! Start here:
                The building blocks of all that lean and mean muscle, Protein needs to be the first thing you look for in your meals and snacks. Meat and eggs are often first on the list when people think of Protein, so look for lean, responsibly sourced products with little or no processing. Your body and those happy animals will thank you in the long run. If you are a dairy lover, Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheeses are great high Protein sources. Avoiding animal products? No problem, there are tons of non-animal based options for Protein. Tempeh and Tofu are great alternatives for a summer BBQ. A Protein packed Nut Butter can be added to a veggie shake. Pairing beans, lentils, spinach, chia and pumpkin seeds will automatically boost the Protein content of any food. Here is your challenge: Start looking at your next meal or snack, where is the Protein? Then ask yourself, is it enough? Ladies aim to eat one palm-sized portion, and men you can push toward two palm-sized portions. Add in your healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and water. BAM! You’ve got a great meal in front of you.


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