Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Pre-Workout Nutrition

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Pre-Workout Nutrition

By Garrett Rolsma


You have probably heard it at some point in your life, “I need to carbo load because I have a big workout later”. Let’s just laugh at that sentence now and move on. Unless you are a hardcore elite level athlete trained in nutrient loading, you don’t ever need to carbo load. The theory of dumping mass amounts of nutrients into your body to later use for exercise is not correct. Our bodies can only store a finite amount of energy at a time. Once our glycogen stores are topped off in our muscle and liver, the rest is just stored as fat. Meaning, that plate of pasta that you think is going to fuel your exercise after work, is more than likely just going to add to your waist line. Keep in mind that if you are adequately fueling your body throughout the entire day by eating every 3 hours, you should be plenty energized for your workout, no matter what time of the day. Now if you are someone that feels like you need a snack before exercise think 1:1:1 ratio of Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates. Like a small apple and a handful of nuts. In closing, remember that you are special and you might want to try different things to see how your body reacts. Just be careful that you aren’t sabotaging an entire hour in the gym with a heavy snack that weighs you down. Once you find what works best for you, stick to it.

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