Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: My favorite fruit that is really a fat!

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: My favorite fruit that is really a fat!

By: Garrett Rolsma

My favorite fruit that is really a fat!

Are you confused yet? Hopefully I can help clear this up. Today I am talking about one of my favorite fruits, the avocado. Several smart people claim that the avocado tree originated in South Central Mexico and has been a staple of their diet for thousands of years. This fruit is unique because of its alligator appearance and single large seed. During European expansion and trade the avocado spread to all corners of the world and has been adopted into many culturally unique cuisines. Unlike many other fruits we are familiar with, the avocado is packed with various healthy fats. In roughly one cup of sliced avocado you are getting ~21 grams of fat (~3 saturated, ~3 polyunsaturated, and ~14 monounsaturated). Because it is so high in mono and polyunsaturated fats and has limited saturated fat, the avocado is deemed a “healthy” fat. In that same one cup you are getting a surprisingly high amount of fiber (~10 grams). Today it has earned a place in the coveted “Super Food” category because of its healthy fat and high fiber contents. The only real draw back to avocados are their availability and ripening stages. Depending on the season you can see a huge difference on your grocery bill, literal dollars can be added to each fruit when they are out of season. As for the ripening stages, or the dreaded squeeze test as I like to call it. When you are shopping, you pick one up and squeeze it, then try another, and another, and in the end, none of them feel ripe. This is a difficult process because what feels ripe in the store may be over ripe when you cut into it.

In closing, avocados are high fat, high fiber fruits that might deserve a place in your nutritional plan. Add slices to your breakfast scramble, or blend it into your morning smoothie. It goes great on salads and to top off a nice warm bowl of chili. Mashed together to make your own guacamole or layered into your favorite sandwich. Be creative and see how many ways you can add this fruit into your life. Your body and mind will thank you for all the healthy fat and fiber. Enjoy!

Coach G

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