Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Meal Preparation, set yourself up for success!

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Meal Preparation, set yourself up for success!

By Garrett Rolsma




Meal Preparation, set yourself up for success!

                In today’s fast paced world, we often find ourselves with too much on our plates, and for today’s article, I don’t mean food, I mean tasks. Get the dry cleaning, mow the lawn, get the kids ready for school, wash the cat and feed the dog (?), you name it, it must get done. It is no wonder that sometimes healthy eating gets put on the back burner and we find ourselves slipping into a habit of convenience foods, eating out, or just plain not eating. One of the best tried and true methods to combat this trend is meal prepping. Meal prep is simple in theory, be proactive and put together a future meal now, that way when the time comes to eat, you are already prepared. There is no right and wrong way to meal prep, but here are some of my favorite techniques that will help you out.

The Weekly Prep:

                Sunday night you start by creating your menu, grocery shop, cook all the protein, vegetables, etc. Then individually create each meal for each day and line it all up in your fridge. This method will have you utilizing a lot of Tupperware but you will be very happy when you have your lunch packed and ready to go every day.

The Night Before:

                This method is convenient because you are utilizing your dinner cooking time to prepare the next day’s meals. All you should do is cook a little extra food the night before and store it to be eaten the next day. A little extra grilled chicken on Tuesday night will make a great salad addition for Wednesdays lunch. The downside here, if your dinner plans fall apart, you might be running around the next day because you did not prep the night before. BE WARNED!

The Morning Of:

                When the eggs are cooking and the coffee is brewing, you are packaging up your lunch, snacks and everything you need for the rest of the day. This method can be very difficult because you are at the mercy of your food stockpile. If you are running low on veggies, that could throw off the rest of the day. To utilize this method the best, make sure you stay current on your grocery shopping.

Mix and Match:

                This technique is a blend of everything. I like to do a big grocery trip on the weekend and loosely plan my week. At night, I cook extra protein to eat the next day. The morning of, I put together my lunch while I am cooking breakfast. Having a second grocery trip in the middle of the week helps me stay stocked up on the necessary items.

                Remember, there is no right and wrong way, what works best for you is going to be a little unique. So, look at what you currently do and think about how you could fine tune it to work for you. Good luck and start thinking ahead of time.




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