Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Meal Delivery Services, Pros and Cons

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Meal Delivery Services, Pros and Cons

By Garrett Rolsma


Meal Delivery Services, Pros and Cons:

                It seems today that our fast paced, technologically dominated world is all about the newest thing as fast as possible. Why should our meals be any different? Today there are numerous meal delivery services that promise convenient, delicious, and healthy meals delivered right to our doors. Let’s dive in deeper and start with the positives. Convenience, it does not get much simpler then coming home from work and having dinner sitting in a box on the front porch. Depending on the service you sign up for, you can have a range of meals to choose from. If you follow a specific “diet” there are services for gluten-free, paleo, organic, you name it, it is out there, you must find it. Now, onto taste! These companies spend tons of money on top notch chefs working in test kitchens to make sure the meal that shows up at your house will taste great. Their business model depends on it, because if it doesn’t taste scrummy, you probably will not order a second box. Lastly, let’s talk about healthy. Depending on the service you select, your meals could range from high protein/low carb, to high protein/high carb/high fat/high calorie. Not all meal delivery services are created equal. The one factor that most of these services do not factor in is YOU! Enter the cons of meal delivery. Unless you know your nutrition goals, you can still be over eating using meal delivery services. For example, I need to try and eat limited carbohydrates, but the box that showed up this week has three dinners with pasta dishes. Great convenient meals, but not right for me. Now onto dependence. The more comfortable you become with meal delivery the more you will depend on them. If you never have to worry about your dinners during the week, you will not know what to do when you no longer have them. How would you eat on vacation? Or what if a delivery is missed and you do not know what to prepare on your own? Lastly, preparation. Know ahead of time that the meal you cook will never look as good as the recipe. If you are not Emeril in the kitchen, then you could struggle with getting the preparation and taste perfect. I don’t care how convenient and healthy it is supposed to be, if you cannot eat it because it is over or under cooked, it does not matter.

                In closing, I am a big fan of meal delivery services in moderation. Every day, there are new companies offering these services, and some of the great ones are getting even better. Before you take the leap, know what your nutrition should look like, then do your homework and pick the best service for you. Try to space out the meals every other day, this way you still must think for yourself a few days of the week. Remember, you are unique, and your nutrition should be too.

 -Coach G


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