Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Home sick? Eat this…

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Home sick? Eat this…

By Garrett Rolsma


Home sick?

***DISCLAIMER*** I am not a doctor. If you are sick and stay that way, consult your doctor.

                When you are home with a cold, or even worse the flu, it can be confusing and frustrating to eat appropriately. You know that you should probably still eat, but it is often so hard to force yourself to stay on your normal nutrition plan. The old saying of “feed a cold, and starve a fever” is both true and false because well, everyone is different. If there was a 100% “Sick Person” diet, then someone would be rich off it.

One of the most obvious solutions is simple, if you are hungry, eat, if you aren’t, don’t. Now this seems simple and logical, but what should you look for when you are hungry? Light soups are great options because they will help increase your hydration as well as add some calories to your day. Look for soups with low sodium, low trans fats, and with minimally processed ingredients. Keeping your gut health happy could possibly speed your recovery time so try to consume some high fiber foods and avoid the sugar. A lot of your immune system is in your gut, so the healthier we can keep those pre- and probiotics the better. There are a few food items that have shown some evidence to help you out. Honey has shown antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and it can help with cough suppression. Garlic is another natural antibiotic and may help reduce the severity of your symptoms. Some warm beverages like Green Tea and Chicken Soup can help boost your antibodies and hydration levels. Now the most important thing is rest, when you are run down your body is at greater risk of illness. Head to bed early and make sure you give your body a chance to fight. When you do have an appetite, pick wisely and keep it simple. Your body will thank you by bouncing back quickly.

-Coach G 


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