Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Halloween is a scary time!

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Halloween is a scary time!

By Garrett Rolsma


Halloween is a scary time!

                Yes, it is that time again! Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and terrible gut pain from eating the kids candy. I am not going to say anything about eating candy, or not eating candy because you should be allowed to have some if you choose to do that. What I do want to share are several ways of getting rid of your extra holiday candy, and feeling good doing it. I believe that moderation is the key to living a healthy and balanced life. It would be very challenging to go into the holiday season with the hope of never eating anything unhealthy. So instead of setting yourself up for potential failure, plan to eat or keep a small amount of the sweets, and donating the rest. Below are two organizations that will take your donated candy and ship it to our service members all around the world.

1.       Operation Gratitude

2.       Soldiers’ Angels


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