Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Complete Tracking…

Coach G’s Nutrition Corner: Complete Tracking….

By Garrett Rolsma


Complete Tracking…

                If you have ever tried to make a change in your nutrition then you have most likely had to track what you ate. Whether you tracked with a pen and paper, or you had a fancy app, the results of your tracking are a direct reflection to your successes. If you only tracked one perfectly set-up day, or you didn’t include the high calorie drinks like coffees or alcohol, then your results will probably confirm that. What I ask for from anyone looking to improve their nutrition is to follow a few days of Complete Tracking. I want to see everything that went into their bodies on a normal, unedited, and typical day. I try to convince people not to make any changes to their eating until we see what those habits are. Complete tracking consisting of both weekends and week days is ideal because you get to see your behaviors on different days of the week. Once you have some data to work with, sit down, be honest with yourself, and pick it apart. How many times did you eat something “just because”, how many days did you skip breakfast, or that afternoon snack, how many times did your environment dictate what you ate? So, do yourself a favor, write down everything that you put into your body tomorrow, and again this Saturday, then sit down Sunday, take a few minutes and analyze it. Once you have recognized where you need to make changes, you can work on ways to move in the right direction.


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