Core Exercise Snapshot: Band Rambo Press

Core Exercise Snapshot: Band Rambo Press

By Dan Kleckner and Garrett Rolsma

Rambo Press

Band Rambo Press Description

The band Rambo press is a very unique and effective core exercise. It is one of the best core exercises to do for total body engagement. It is a great progression from a regular plank and because it is also an anti rotation exercise it gets everything in your core firing. It is also a great exercise to work on strength in the shoulders!

Band Rambo Press Steps

1- Start in a plank position with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and a 1/2” band around the arch of the foot and palm of your hand.

2- While keeping your hips parallel to the ground lift the arm with the band off the ground and press straight ahead, locking the elbow out at the top.

3- Return to the starting position and perform 8-10 reps each side. Make sure there is no arch in the lower back and that you do not allow the hips to rotate.

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